HOFF has always been based in iconic locations around the world. Having HOFF Stores in crucial cities is part of our DNA. With a clear objective: to conceptualize a space beyond a traditional sneaker retail environment and Hoff's commitment to its products' purity, clean lines, and simple geometries.A place where visitors can experience the brand first-hand. A space in which to discover the collections and see how amazing they are. A place to hold events and a meeting point for HOFF friends.


The curves star premises plans and the limits between store and warehouse are diluted, resulting in an open and visible point of sale in all its angles that invites to be walked through completely. Through these curves and the displays, a very dynamic and powerful circulation and exaltation of the product is achieved. New materials such as methacrylate and resin contrast with HOFF classics such as cement and neon.


Culdesac has worked with the Ciszak concept creating a new aesthetic called "agitation." They have saturated the colors and made the space a fluid place composed of bubbles in which there are hardly any straight lines. In the entrance bubble, we find a large centerpiece, and on the wall are the white niches that are our hallmark. When entering the store's yellow, we find the second bubble, which is an entirely oval space through which you can see through.


The sneakers are colorful and designed for both women and men. These features determine the final design of our HOFF Stores. The sneakers are the protagonists of the store; the finishes of the interior architecture orbit around these focal points, being neutral and respectful in a soft color palette composed of pink tones, gradient grays, and pale washed greens.