Some stories need our attention more than others.

In Malawi, a large number of people doesn’t have access to clean water. Being one of the poorest countries in the world, this is a real life threatening problem. People have to walk 10 km to access water and most of the time isn’t even clean. Children have to spend 6 hours a day to get water for drinking, cooking and cleaning, and most of them aren’t able to go to school.

We believe clean water is the first step out of poverty. If we help to bring drinking water to those in need a whole generation can succeed.

We collaborated with HAAN by financing a well to provide clean drinking water for a group of people in the Region of Benga. We are glad to say that the well is already functioning and doing a great service for a small community of malawians.

Thanks to your support you enabled us to change the lives of these people in Malawi forever. We hope these images will make you as happy and proud as we are. 

Together we can make it.



The COVID-19 global pandemic made the whole world to stop while investigators across borders started the race of finding a vaccine. 

HOFF as a brand couldn’t  just stare from the outside. Through our campaign #GetReady we raised 8000 euros which were donated to #YoMeCorono project.

A pioneering clinical trial, the first approved by the Spanish Medicine Agency, with the aim of defining which drugs will be used to immediately treat the infected and prevent contagion in their contact. As well as a project of investigation to find the vaccine against the virus. 



“La vida con Williams” is a documentary by Emanuel Munteanu aimed to raise awareness about the rare Williams-Beuren illness and to send a message of hope and positivism to those who suffer it and their relatives. Inclusivity and raising the voice of a minority that otherwise will be invisible have always been an aspiration of our brand.This documentary was partially financed by HOFF.