They live at ground level, they even sleep on it. So the thing they see the most is... your feet.

No one knows more about sneakers than dogs and cats. And they choose HOFF for you.

Meet Cooper

Going to the beach is what makes Cooper the happiest dog in the world. He likes to roll in the sand and dive in the sea.

Say Hello to Tulum

He might seem wild but he is full of love... for chicken. When it comes to food or sneakers he opts for the exotic.

Get to know this kitty

The furry white ball, Klaus, is a cuddle seeker who likes to sleep by his owner's sneakers.

Meet Miki

He loves to be around people and sneakers, always having fun.

Hi Coco,

This big guy is a loving companion who likes to chase everything, but mostly… His own tail.

This is Lola

She is a smart pooch really focused on quality food and quality sneakers. She goes crazy for sausages and HOFF.

And lastly, Thor

He's named that way but he's not exactly the god of thunder. He likes to sleep hugging cuddly toys.

Theses are the #SneakerExperts and they chose HOFF. Trust their instinct, they know your feet better than you.

Photo: @zukka_creativos

Models: Thor, Miki, Cooper, Coco, Lola, Tulum y Klaus.