Introducing HOFF x Nave Oporto

Artists passionate about art and creativity share a perfect space to work; Nave Oporto.

Nave Oporto is a ship of old textile activity that has been converted into nine artistic studies, giving life not only to a project of coexistence and work, but also creating a community effect, integrating members of diverse backgrounds. Together with HOFF they express their truth through art. The search for truth serves as a self-knowledge of themselves, creating a link between what they feel inside and what they want to express with their works.


Artist author of works on paper and three-dimensional works that explores in his production the presence of architecture beyond buildings. His works convey serenity and balance. Able to mix an irregular piece of discarded marble from any workshop with a piece of gray parquet and both have the same prominence.

Belén Rodríguez

It seeks to work with ill-defined forms and contents, difficult to recognize or categorize: it flees from the obvious and takes the viewer to the same ground, recovering enigmatic portions of reality instead of creating new realities.

Miguel Fructuoso

He is a passionate artist, he knows that nothing great can be done without passion, without foundations, in a weak or fractional way. Miguel Fructuoso takes care of the composition of his works, the formal elements, the energies and strokes that balance the weight of the masses of color.

Miki Leal

He stands out in the national scene for his particular way of approaching figuration and landscape, using painting as "a pretext of compositional exercises", in which the line, figure and color are freely expressed.

Sonia Navarro

She learned sewing and tailoring from her grandmothers, before being a graduate in Fine Arts. He has been involved in Arco uninterruptedly with the T20 Gallery for more than a decade. He has created works that challenge and confront the mechanisms of power and their institutions, highlighting those that reflect on the constant struggle of women against established social conventions.

Marta Corsini

Cultural manager and interior designer. He combines his interior design projects with his facet as an artist where he is part of the Nave Oporto collective. Work with natural and vegetable fibers applying artisan basketry techniques giving life and color with threads and knots to dry branches finding an animal hidden in each of them.
Artists: FOD, Belén Rodríguez, Miguel Fructuoso, Miki Leal, Sonia Navarro y Marta Corsini. Photographers: Javier Garceche y Luis de las Alas. Creative direction: Luciana Mazza. Location: Nave Oporto.
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