PRE-FW22 New places to discover and wear


An impossible fusion of styles. 

The award winning creative studio MASQUESPACIO and HOFF join forces to create a piece that fuses their styles. A distinct model with an original and lively color combination, exclusively for the female audience. The creative design and the search for the perfect aesthetic is what unites worlds as different as interior design and footwear creating a unique piece.


Why this combination of colors?

They represent a lot of our character with very clear, bright and happy tones. There is no dark color. However, in our projects there is almost always one present. We also found it interesting that the dark tones are added by the clothes that go with the shoes.

Why this design for the sole?  

To break with our own schemes. We have designed many geometric figures and patterns. This time through the organic forms we wanted to have a more human approach, more what we are as people. 

What is involved or what things have to be taken into account to design sneakers?

From our point of view, we must always be emotional, trying to represent something personal and something different. Sneakers are for many a cult object, an object to express themselves to the world, their friends and family. you have to feel connected to them. Some will want a neutral model while others will prefer one that stands out more. With our proposal we have tried to find an intermediate point to be able to combine it easily with other garments, without losing sight of a highly emotional factor. What is more beautiful than being told 'cool sneakers!'?

What are the similarities or differences in interior design or sneakers?

The similarity between the two is certainly to provoke an emotion. The big difference on the other hand is that sneakers are an object of their own, while in interior design space is not. It will provoke a very temporary emotion and only during your visit as opposed to sneakers.  

What is the philosophy behind this design or masquespacio designs in general?

To seek authenticity in each project, to bring a smile to the user and surprise, always with the focus on creating something new and evolving in each of the projects.

What does it mean for you to travel and get to know new places?

It's our lifestyle; the way we inspire ourselves, besides being our work tool and not only that, for us it's what we're most passionate about. If you add to that the fact that thanks to our work in these places we have been able to get to know the local cultures of our clients, it becomes an essential fact in our lives.  


Photograper: @zukka_creativos
Film: @zukka_creativos
Modelo: @masquespacio_ana,  @masquespacio_chris
Dirección creativa: @luciana_mazza