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Pigalle is a bustling neighborhood in the heart of Paris. It is a world of contrasts, from its busy streets to its hidden courtyards and alleyways. The neighborhood is filled with inviting sidewalk cafes and bistros, as well as cozy pubs and clubs. The colorful shops, galleries and boutiques line the narrow streets, beckoning passersby to explore. The iconic Moulin Rouge stands proudly in the center of the area, its red windmill and flashing lights a beacon of the vibrant nightlife that Pigalle has to offer. As the sun sets, the area is transformed into a lively mix of music, conversation and laughter, making it the perfect place to experience the charm of Paris.

Sneaker with leather and textile pieces on the sides.
Logo on tongue.
3.5 cm high sole.
Removable memory foam insole.
Recycled rubber sole.

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