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The #WornBy space focuses on people who are true to who they are and the things they do in life. Pernille Rosenkilde is a stylist, influencer, creative spirit and vintage lover living in Copenhagen.

Who is Pernille?

I am a Danish designer, stylist and influencer with a big passion for colours, vintage and that dressing up in the morning should be based on joy and what makes you feel good and not the opinion of others.


It is my little sustainably and upcycling based brand where I design things I hope will spark joy to other people. It is small on purpose because it is the opposite of fast fashion. There will only be drops when it makes sense.

What is it like to run your own business?

I love it. It gives me a lot of freedom to do what I love and to do different things everyday.

What made you start your brand?

I have a fashion degree for The Royal Danish School of Design but ended up in the magazine business. And since design has always been a big part of my life it made so much sense to bring it back in my life.

What secret places do you know in Copenhagen?

No es realmente un secreto, pero si vienes aquí en verano, ve a Refshaleøen. Salta al mar en La Banchina mientras disfrutas de una copa de vino blanco, ve a B&W Hallerne para comprar antigüedades, visita Copenhagen Contemporary y desayuna en Lille Bakery. El ambiente allí es muy relajado y a la vez está muy cerca del centro de la ciudad.

What makes the Vesterbro neighborhood special?

I love all the different areas of Copenhagen but I live right between Vesterbro and Frederiksberg and I really love Gl. Kongevej has a lot of cute shops and nice cafes. I would also really recommend Værnedamsvej (also known as the french street of Copenhagen) and Tullinsgade leading up to it. The vibe is very local but also very buzzing.

What are the favorite items in your closet?

Everytime I get this question I have no answer. I have so many favourites as every piece of my collection has been chosen with my heart.

What is the secret of a good outfit?

 Sentirse lo mejor posible. Que brille con luz propia.

What fascinates you about vintage?

Me encantan las historias que encierran las prendas vintage. Cuando era adolescente y buscaba en las tiendas de segunda mano, mi mayor deseo era poder conocer las historias de las prendas vintage. Además, me gusta la idea de reutilizar y de que las cosas hechas hace mucho tiempo aún tengan la posibilidad de una nueva vida. 

How important is the use of color to you?

It makes me happy. I almost have no black items in my wardrobe. Whenever I have worn black I tend to feel less strong.

Do you think your Instagram reflects your personality?

I really try to be the same person on Instagram as in real life. Of course this is not completely possible but all in all what you see is pretty much what you get.