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Rocío Crusset is an internationally acclaimed model who lives, works and studies in New York. There is no one better to be the image of Skyline. In this interview she shares with us a vision of her day-to-day life in the Big Apple.

What can you tell us about yourself in a few sentences?

"Defining myself has always seemed very complicated to me because I never stop getting to know myself, evolving and maturing. One thing that does define me is how much I need my family and friends on a daily basis.

Where do you find inspiration in your daily life?

"My job inspires me a lot, every day I work with different teams and very diverse productions. It is an adventure and a pleasure to be able to live it and above all to work with such talented people."

What interesting things do you like to do in NY?

"I visit many museums, whenever I can. Walking around the city, it's something I can never get enough of. "

What can you tell us about your studies at Parsons School?

"Well, I wish I could add more hours a day. It is a career that I have to dedicate a lot of time and effort to, but it is fascinating, at least for me."

How does it feel to live in a city surrounded by skyscrapers?

"That you are on top of the world. It sounds like a cliché but this city gives you the energy you need to see that there are no limits."

What does the expression "having the world at your feet" mean to you?

"It means being happy doing what you do, always being true to yourself."

Why is it good to have confidence in yourself on a daily basis?

"It is something that must be worked on day by day. There are times when you are insecure and afraid, but if you do that personal work well, you will know how to accept who you are and change what you think you can improve, and that gives a lot of satisfaction."

Do you have a favorite place in the world?

"Seville and New York."

Photografy: @julia_sariy
Model: @rociocrusset
Estilism: @iamnatabocha
Make up: @makeupbydmitry
Hairstyling: @lilovesyou